Cruise Ship passing Dubai

Cruise ship Cruise Ship travel

Cruise ship crossing from Al Rashid port and going to the next destination. When our ship was going from Al Hamariya Port towards DMC Port. Then the cruise ship was coming out of Al Rashid Port.

Cruise Ship

The experience of capturing such beautiful moments in the camera is different. Such cruise ships pass by during our journey, Then I definitely capture that moment in the camera.

Cruise Ship

His scene looks even more beautiful. Cruise ships always come to Dubai.  A lot of tourist people keep coming.

And to see the beauty of Dubai City, people are traveling here from many countries to visit the cruise ship.

Dubai City,Burj Khalifa view from Sea side

In Dubai, you will find dishes everywhere in hotels here. Dubai is a desert and sea combination city. Living, eating and tour here is all about the world-class. Dubai is in the modern world of South East Asia, where every facility is available.

Cruise Ship

Here you can enjoy a water taxi to Dubai Crick.  In Dubai a new and developed city with its main center of business and tourism and the ancient and charm of Arabia is considered a city with complete amenities.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel

Dubai Hotels and restaurant

Burj Al Arab, built on Atlantis, The Palm, Jumeirah Beach Road, is a hotel in which everyone dreams to stay.

Let us tell you about the famous Hotel Burj Al Arab.  The world calls this hotel the land mark of Dubai.

There are 60 floors. They have 202 rooms.  And this hotel gives you the option of 4 types of rooms.  The biggest feature of this hotel is that it has been built on a mind made island. To get to the hotel, the guest gets the option of a rolesroyal or a helicopter.

Cruise Ship

The hotel has four swimming pools and a private beach. Jahan Pe Al Multaha and Al Maharao are also famous restaurants.

Where to enjoy food can be a different experience for you. Because Al Mahara is transported from Submarine in the restaurant and it is made from Level below.

Different views are seen with food.  While Al Multarah restaurant is the highest in the hotel.  This was started on December 1999.  And so far, the world’s most famous personality has stayed.

Offshore Accommodation Barge

Dubai Passenger International Airport operates 111 passenger lines and 24 cargo airlines around the world.  Dubai’s international airport is well connected by road, metro and bus.  From here you will also get 24 hours taxi.  This was some of the main things related to Dubai.

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