Nick Vujicic, who has won without arms and legs, the battle of life - Unbelievable Life Story
Nick Vujicic, who has won without arms and legs, the battle of life
Nick Vujicic

One such person is Nick Vujicic who really lived his life so normal humans should also learn something from him. Often sometimes curse ourselves or others. When we are born, then our difficulties begin. Some people do not even take their life forward and feel defeated by life. Some of these people, who are very much ahead of their life due to their high spirits and courage and do such things, which inspire people to move forward.

Without courage and hard work you would have got nothing in life. It is also necessary to work hard to achieve every goal accordingly. To win, to think big is to have great intentions and courage. In this life story, everyone is engaged in advancing each other. He goes ahead with his courage and right thinking, he also fulfills his dreams.

Whenever there are problems or difficulties in our life, most of us wonder why this is happening to me? This thinking can gradually make our life a burden by creating deep despair in us. In this way, we need to have confidence in ourselves and compete with them with all our strength and keep doing this until we can conquer them.

Today we are going to tell about the life of one such person who will inspire everyone. You would think that this is impossible but believe “nothing is impossible in life”. If you do not believe, then read this inspiring story –

The Life Story of Nick Vujicic

On 4 December 1982, a child was born in Australia named Nick Vujicic. There were no legs. Doctors were surprised as to why Nick Vujicic has no limbs. Nick Vujicic’s parents started worrying about what Nick Vujicic’s life would be like – what would the future be for a child with no hands?

The early days of childhood were very difficult. There were many difficulties in Nick Vujicic’s life. Not only did he face many difficulties in his school, but due to his disability and loneliness, he was immersed in the darkness of despair.

 He always thought the same and always prayed to God that he would get his hands and feet. He was so frustrated with his disability that at the age of 10 he tried to commit suicide.

 But then after reading an article given by his mother, his attitude towards life completely changed. This article was published in a newspaper, which was a story of a disabled man battling his disability and triumphing over it. That day they came to understand that they are not the only person who is struggling.

Nick (Nick) slowly understood that if he wanted, he could live his life in a normal way. Nick slowly learned to write and type on the computer with the help of fingers and some tools that came out of the place of the feet.

At the age of 17, he started giving lectures in his prayer group. At the age of 21, Nick graduated in Accounting and Finance and started his career as a motivational speaker.

He formed his company named “Attitude is Attitude” and gradually Nick Vujicic became recognized as a motivational speaker in the world whose own life is a miracle in itself. He has also created a non-profit organization called “Life Without Limbs” to give a message of inspiration and positivity.

Today 33-year-old Nick Vujicic is not only a successful motivational speaker, but he does everything a normal person does. Despite having no arms and legs since birth, they play golf and football, swim, skydiving, and surfing.

This in itself is a remarkable achievement, but even more impressive is the compelling sense of happiness and peace towards his life.

Today they are teaching the world how to live life. Nick has gained the power to control his life rather than cling to physical boundaries and has traveled to more than 44 countries with this same message of hope.

God helps those who are bold and brave. Nick met his princess Kayne Miyahara and in the first meeting, the two fell in love with each other. Nick was impressed by his generosity and good humor. For them are Nick Handsome and ‘Perfect Match’. It feels good for Nick to be with Kayne.

Where we get upset and frustrated by trivial matters, people like Nick Vujicic keep proving every moment that nothing is impossible – everything becomes easier by trying.

Whatever Nick did in his life, everyone should learn that no matter how weak a person is, if he showed his courage and shrewdness, he can do everything he cannot think.

Accept everything given by life with an open mind, even if they are difficult. Difficulties are the steps in which we will get success and happiness in life. Thanks for what we have.

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